30 May 2020, Ecen

When you open a store, you might be quite interested to know if anyone enters your store or not. You might like to know which things are the most popular. This is why you keep an eye on if anyone enters, rather than hiding in the back room all day.

When you start a website, the way you come out of the back room is by integrating analytics. Unfortunately the most popular analytics solution, Google Analytics, while it allows you to find out how many people come to your website, also tracks a whole lot of other personal data about your customers that you don’t need, invading their privacy as payment for providing you the analytics service.

I spent a few days last week looking into enabling analytics for but eventually decided to skip it entirely for the time being. There are some good alternatives to Google Analytics, like Fathom, that collect much less data, and don’t share it around. But because they don’t profit of off user data, they can’t provide the service for free, either.

So, while it would be very interesting to know if anyone is interested in Codahedron, we decided to skip the entire analytics thing until we are in a situation were that data could actually help us improve what we do.